Benefits of hake

Today, let’s talk about the benefits of hake, a fish rich, healthy and not too expensive.

Hake consumed in many countries, and most of them can be purchased at a reasonable price. However, this does not mean that a food is second hand, much less.
This is one of the fish with less fat there, as they hardly have a 2% lipids. Moreover, these are the omega 3, which are very beneficial in preventing cardiovascular disease, strokes and some cancers.
Otherwise, this fish is very easy to digest, and that ETA made ​​a lot of water. It has no carbohydrates and is a very good source of protein, with 12%. In total, 100 grams of hake provide 64 calories.
Another important contribution of hake with important micronutrients for the operation of our organismo.Vitaminas in group B (B1, B2 and B3), and between minerals is a rich source of phosphorus.
Hake is a fish that is cooked very quickly, making it practical to make a meal in minutes. However, you should not make the mistake of eating the fish (or any actually) fried, as only you would be consuming more fat than anything else.
Instead, you can cook in the oven, on the griddle or grill, and you can season with lemon, herbs of your liking or just with some salt and pepper.
The important thing is to include the fish in the diet, and hake is one of the healthier choices and practices ..

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